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the sun can blister skin to teach a lesson but it’s perfectly capable of opening flowers unblemished. practice that kind of respect and only keep people around who do that
the only cures you really need are sweat tears and the sea
rewatching movies doesn’t make you boring
poetry is important. don’t let people make fun of you for it
your body is valid
stop calling astrology stupid
look at this blog when you feel trapped
stop forgetting to bring reusable bags to grocery stores

deerhoof¡¡ ✨ pow ✨ !!
Sometimes I wish I was 29 with my life figured out and sometimes I wish I was 5 with my whole life ahead of me and not a care in the world
Reyna Biddy (via n-ul)
I feel such a creative force in me: I am convinced that there will be a time when, let us say, I will make something good every day , on a regular basis….I am doing my very best to make every effort because I am longing so much to make beautiful things. But beautiful things mean painstaking work, disappointment, and perseverance.
Vincent van Gogh  (via girlwithdeathmask)
girlwithdeathmaskgirl with death mask
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